Leetcode Solutions 2023 – Java, Python, C++

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My Leetcode Solutions All In One: Java Python C++
My Leetcode Solutions All In One

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All Leetcode Solutions

#Problem TitleDifficultySolution
1Two SumEasyLink
2Add Two NumbersMediumLink
3Longest Substring Without Repeating CharactersMediumLink
4Median of Two Sorted ArraysHardLink
5Longest Palindromic SubstringMediumLink
6ZigZag ConversionMediumLink
7Reverse IntegerEasyLink
8String to Integer (atoi)MediumLink
9Palindrome NumberEasyLink
10Regular Expression MatchingHardLink
11Container With Most WaterMediumLink
12Integer to RomanMediumLink
13Roman to IntegerEasyLink
14Longest Common PrefixEasyLink
163Sum ClosestMediumLink
17Letter Combinations of a Phone NumberMediumLink
19Remove Nth Node From End of ListMediumLink
20Valid ParenthesesEasyLink
21Merge Two Sorted ListsEasyLink
22Generate ParenthesesMediumLink
23Merge k Sorted ListsHardLink
24Swap Nodes in PairsMediumLink
25Reverse Nodes in k-GroupHardLink
26Remove Duplicates from Sorted ArrayEasyLink
27Remove ElementEasyLink
28Find the Index of the First Occurrence in a StringEasyLink
29Divide Two IntegersMediumLink
30Substring with Concatenation of All WordsHardLink
31Next PermutationMediumLink
32Longest Valid ParenthesesHardLink
33Search in Rotated Sorted ArrayMediumLink
34Find First and Last Position of Element in Sorted ArrayMediumLink
35Search Insert PositionEasyLink
36Valid SudokuMediumLink
37Sudoku SolverHardLink
38Count and SayEasyLink
39Combination SumMediumLink
40Combination Sum IIMediumLink
41First Missing PositiveHardLink
42Trapping Rain WaterHardLink
43Multiply StringsMediumLink
44Wildcard MatchingHardLink
45Jump Game IIHardLink
47Permutations IIMediumLink
48Rotate ImageMediumLink
49Group AnagramsMediumLink
50Pow(x, n)MediumLink
52N-Queens IIHardLink
53Maximum SubarrayEasyLink
54Spiral MatrixMediumLink
55Jump GameMediumLink
56Merge IntervalsMediumLink
57Insert IntervalHardLink
58Length of Last WordEasyLink
59Spiral Matrix IIMediumLink
60Permutation SequenceMediumLink
61Rotate ListMediumLink
62Unique PathsMediumLink
63Unique Paths IIMediumLink
64Minimum Path SumMediumLink
65Valid NumberHardLink
66Plus OneEasyLink
67Add Binary EasyLink
68Text JustificationHardLink
70Climbing StairsEasyLink
71Simplify PathMediumLink
72Edit DistanceHardLink
73Set Matrix ZeroesMediumLink
74Search a 2D MatrixMediumLink
75Sort ColorsMediumLink
76Minimum Window SubstringHardLink
79Word SearchMediumLink
80Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array IIMediumLink
81Search in Rotated Sorted Array IIMediumLink
82Remove Duplicates from Sorted List IIMediumLink
83Remove Duplicates from Sorted ListEasyLink
84Largest Rectangle in HistogramHardLink
85Maximal RectangleHardLink
86Partition ListMediumLink
87Scramble StringHardLink
88Merge Sorted ArrayEasyLink
89Gray CodeMediumLink
90Subsets IIMediumLink
91Decode WaysMediumLink
92Reverse Linked List IIMediumLink
93Restore IP AddressesMediumLink
94Binary Tree Inorder TraversalMediumLink
95Unique Binary Search Trees IIMediumLink
96Unique Binary Search TreesMediumLink
97Interleaving StringHardLink
98Validate Binary Search TreeMediumLink
99Recover Binary Search TreeHardLink
100Same TreeEasyLink
101Symmetric TreeEasyLink
102Binary Tree Level Order TraversalMediumLink
103Binary Tree Zigzag Level Order TraversalMediumLink
104Maximum Depth of Binary TreeEasyLink
105Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder TraversalMediumLink
106Construct Binary Tree from Inorder and Postorder TraversalMediumLink
107Binary Tree Level Order Traversal IIEasyLink
108Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search TreeEasyLink
109Convert Sorted List to Binary Search TreeMediumLink
110Balanced Binary TreeEasyLink
111Minimum Depth of Binary TreeEasyLink
112Path SumEasyLink
113Path Sum II
114Flatten Binary Tree to Linked ListMediumLink
115Distinct SubsequencesHardLink
116Populating Next Right Pointers in Each NodeMediumLink
117Populating Next Right Pointers in Each Node IIMediumLink
118Pascal’s TriangleEasyLink
119Pascal’s Triangle IIEasyLink
121Best Time to Buy and Sell StockEasyLink
122Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock IIEasyLink
123Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock IIIHardLink
124Binary Tree Maximum Path SumHardLink
125Valid PalindromeEasyLink
126Word Ladder IIHardLink
127Word LadderMediumLink
128Longest Consecutive SequenceHardLink
129Sum Root to Leaf NumbersMediumLink
130Surrounded RegionsMediumLink
131Palindrome PartitioningMediumLink
132Palindrome Partitioning IIHardLink
133Clone GraphMediumLink
134Gas StationMediumLink
136Single NumberEasyLink
137Single Number IIMediumLink
138Copy List with Random PointerMediumLink
139Word BreakMediumLink
140Word Break IIHardLink
141Linked List CycleEasyLink
142Linked List Cycle IIMediumLink
143Reorder ListMediumLink
144Binary Tree Preorder TraversalMediumLink
145Binary Tree Postorder TraversalHardLink
146LRU CacheHardLink
147Insertion Sort ListMediumLink
148Sort ListMediumLink
149Max Points on a LineHardLink
150Evaluate Reverse Polish NotationMediumLink

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